Leveraging our team’s experience working in a range of broking and front, middle and back office positions across Australian energy companies, Energy Edge is developing a hosted Deal Capture and Settlements solution within Market Edge for electricity, environmental, gas and other energy commodities.

The system offers the complete lifecycle management of requirements of users in Front Office, Middle Office and Back Office from deal entry to settlement and reconciliation.

The system has been developed with users in mind and built on a platform that allows for future requirements, and can scale to any size utilising a cloud-based infrastructure.

The system covers:

  • Deal capture for a wide range of products from standard OTC and Exchange Traded products to complex offerings such as SRAs and PPAs
  • Full user and limit delegation management
  • Customisable reporting
  • Configurable real-time notification
  • Settlement reporting and reconciliation
  • Credit support and collateral management

Please note that this system is currently under development and is due to be released shortly.

Market Edge – Deal Capture and Settlements

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